Generic Airships

First session with Sam (Cutter) and Josh(Yog)

-2cp cheap mead -sam
-20sp room -sam and josh
+small garnet
-10gp goblets
-10gp bribe for quiet room
+500gp from guard’s purse

Queen’s Avarice- Commander Female Elf Kathil- Piracy-
Hammer of Gila- Gudli Rikeson -Dwarven warship -Noble legacy -Has siege capabilities

We saw a flyer in the local tavern for a missing goblet. We attempted to retrieve the goblet after recieving a tip from the local blacksmith. The dwarf that had stolen it was lodging on the Hammer of Gila. Cutter intimidated him into revealing that he had dropped it in the water. A forgery was created, but did not fill with milk as the original goblet did. The guards were called, which Cutter and Yog vanquished, and the butler was knocked unconcious with his fate still to be decided….


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